The most dangerous gang in America. Majority of its members are Black, though there are many Latino Members, and the accasional white member. Main Rivalry is currently The Bloods, and MS-13
ex. "dont mess with the crips, they find out where you live and blow your brains out."
ex. "We saw on T.V. some crips was killin some bloods down in queens."
ex. In my opinion the bloods and crips should join together, take out MS-13 then go back to the way it was before.
by TheDogIsOut April 29, 2008
A group originally set up in the early 1960s to fight crime in Los Angeles, CA, USA (West Coast OR Left-Side) but was then turned into a gang full of crime.

Crip stands for:

'Community Restoration/Revolution in Defence'

Blue is their colour.

You know when somebody is a Crip in Los Angeles when all they wear is blue with a blue flag usually tied on their mouth, left wrist, left of their backside or on their left knee.
"...I keep a blue flag hangin' out my backside but only on the left-side, yea that's the Crip side!"
~Snoop Dogg in 'Drop it like its Hott'
by Nia February 16, 2005
a gang or gangmem6er that 6elongs to that gang. crips have certain 6eliefs, tradtions, tendencies, and life styles.
Community Revolution In Progress
"I keep a 6lue flag hangin out my bacc side but only on the left side yeah thats the Crip side"

NKC- New Kingdom Crips
6ringing Compton to the district
by Chanquleta July 03, 2005
1. Seafood, A.K.A. cKraBs
2. A gang full of fake niggas and punk ass cKracKas
3. Can Be Identified By:
*The kolor flue(blue), and usually an accompanying kolor like white, blacK, or purple.
*Flue bandannas
*6 Point Stars
*Allied with the F.o.l.k.
Nation (Fear Of Latin Kings)
* NOT the most dangerous gang in America, Dawgs got cKlaws to bury em' up!
"Stanley Tookie Williams co-founded what was to be known as the Crips , a group of cKrabz throwin' up fake ass crab handsigns, weak drugs, posession of water guns, and inkompetencKe to comprehend and function using basic human abilities. Lack Intelligence, Kourage."
by DMasterP001 October 23, 2006
Different Sets
"there's gonna be different sets, cuz there not all alike"
by baby_gurl March 23, 2003
hard ass niggas who has a tru flag and carries it every where they go.Know what i'm sayin CUZ.....
by southwest baller August 15, 2003
Crews claiming and representing that blue rag.

That guy is a crip.
by kr-ip April 06, 2003

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