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Good to High quality Weed.
Shit, that Kush was good...
by NTSaga October 20, 2003
The western coast of the USA... WESTSIDE... VV... Above peeps are haters...
Somethings always going down on the West...
by NTsaga May 24, 2004
California APCO 10 Code

Possible Dead Body
There's a 10-54 on the cornor of 149th and Crenshaw
by NTsaga November 22, 2003
What everyones living from... They rather endure life than death.

Why are you dying to live if your jsut living to die?
Oh My God! It's a 187!
by NTsaga November 22, 2003
1) The male form of the derogatory word "Bitch".
2) A Male dog.
3) A bad word.
4) More insulting than "Bitch"
5) Something to say when something doesnt go your way.
Fuck you, you quitch!

Damn, he's a quitch.

Dont mess with me quitch.

*Spills coffee* QUITCH!
by NTsaga December 30, 2003
You're wrong, It's not true, You wish, Yea...right
Sam: "Your a dumbass"
Chris: "You got cab!"
by NTSaga October 20, 2003
Dr Dre's Retierment album... due maybe sumtime during 2004-2005
Detox is gonna be HOT, too bad it's Dre'd last album.
by NTsaga November 30, 2003

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