fancy word for a nigger
i saw a show about the crips on the history channel
by steelheader May 02, 2008
People who dont start bangin just because its became a fashion.(I'm lookin at anyone who thinks lil wayne is coll because he says sewut=fake
People who dont slobk, choke on Peanut butter or were dead
l n h o i
o e r d
o n i
d e n
r g
Under the six and always higher than five
allied with F.O.L.K nation
We the gangster disciple stay real even if behind steal
no snitchin, no crying, we keep slobs dyin
My kswiss
e l i
a o l
l o l
d a
What CraCkin Cuz?????
Bklood = mutt
what dropping slob
bkllllllllaaat Killa
T R U Blue
h s
crips bang real
by Crip or death December 17, 2007
killin slobs garbage digs and vls
kswiss- kill slobs when i see slobs
by Anonymous September 06, 2003

6's poppin 5's droppin
Rollin 30's
Tha Crips is da realest killas fo real BK all day
by Locc4 Life March 23, 2005
Commmunity Revolution in Progress

When i die take no pity
rest my soul in gangster city
Tell king david i did my best
burn three c's across my chest
now my soul can lay to rest
This is what crips pray.
by C_crazy November 01, 2005
Originally from Califor-ni-a...LA...gang opposing the Bloods
Either you C_R_I_P or you R_I_P...
by NTSaga October 20, 2003
community resolution in progress ..but some niggas n let me say IN CALI dont fuc wit no initial shyt it all different but for the niggas misguidin ppl sayin crip got somethin to do with folks..yall a fucn lie .. throwin up a 6 u disrespectin raymond washtington n tookie and what bein a loc about ..nigga u throw up a 6 u showin luv to larry hoover he aint fuc wit locs nigga why u fucn wit his shyt? who wrote yall lil knowlege shyt? not no loc so take dat in to mind...ask yo og unless his mark bytch azz ridin folks dics too yall no betta then a dead raggin h0 azz slobk
shyt nigga this kelly parc..fuc yall im done..shifty loc ..any og's dissagree with what i say ..niggas know me we can do diz crip
by SHIFTY LOC October 15, 2006

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