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What a british person smokes.
A disrespecting term for homosexual short for faggots.
British guy: Do you want to smoke some fags?
American guy: Yeah lemme get my gun.
British guy: What? Mostly we use a lighter.
American guy: To kill a homo?
British guy: No I mean this *takes it outta his pocket*
American guy: oooo. No thanks I don't smoke.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006
A hard ass dis maid by the Outlawz and 2pac. In this rap they're dissing East coast, Bad boy records, Jr mafia and Biggie.

This rap was made after tupac came outta jail(he was bought out and started feeling indestructable). 2pac fucked Biggie's wife and put it in it.
I ain't got no motherfucking friends.
That's why i fucked yo bitch you fat motherfucker.

But you gotta just listen hit em up and against all odds so go looking for it like your ass is on fire and it will go off when you found it.
by 187Crip July 17, 2006
Wigger is an insult for white people who try to be black but are far from 'urban'. A common made mistake is the wigger - whigger mistake:
wigger: wannabe nigger(an insult)
whigger:white nigger(someone who would be mistaked for a nigger if you couldn't see him, whigger is also an insult if someone from the kkk says it)
wigger - nigger:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? You bitchass wigger don't talk to me.

wigger - kkk:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? You niggerloving motherfucker after we burned you you'll burn in hell.

wigger - white dude:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? Talk normal i don't understeand you.

conclusion: nobody likes wiggers
by 187Crip July 17, 2006
The man who put gangsta before rap, the man who beated up Dr Dre lyrically in their beef, the guy who would break snitches like The Game and 50 Cent and pussies like ludacriss, nas and jay z down and would show what rap is all about. This nigga is the one and only one from the CPT.
Todays a good day to die! (lady screaming)
Bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yah
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
I tell em bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yea
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
Ain't nuthin but Eazy baby
He'll smoke two niggas cuz they crazy
Talk a gang of shit but it dont phase me
That punk nigga Dre still pays me

It's on - Eazy E
by 187Crip July 21, 2006
People who kill, rob and threaten others. Gangs can be big ass and rich like the mafia, but they can also be small and/or poor. Most (american) gangs are founded in California by people who didn't have enough money for a good education or didn't manage to get good jobs even with an education(the educated ones can mostly manage more in a gang than a not educated person).

Gangs usually are used by fakers to act tough like 50 cent(the biggest snitch of all times) The Game(one biggass weirdo) Snoop Dogg(a former gangster who claims to be a crip while he is wearing red, yellow, green and colors used by rival gangs)

Gangs are one of the reasons urban dictionary excists cause people do everything, even risking there live, to find out what them gangsters are saying and alotta slang is born that way.
gangster: Yo c wazz da happz you tappin that shit?
Person: Uhmmm...

5 weeks later.

Person: Were you sayin i had to have sexual intercorse with a poopy?
gangster: What's wrong with you doug?!?!?!

Gangsters do their thang.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006
1. A rat who told on his/her homies, for money or lower punishment and deserves to get killed.
2. Someone who snitched out his/her homies by leaving em when the money comes rollin or they get threatened and deserves to get killed.(also see 50 Cent, The Game and Snoop (Doggy) Dogg)
Crip: That stupidass snoop tellin only crips can c walk while he doin it every day and he snitched us years ago.
Slop: You dunno what snitchin means until you heard about the game.
Crip: What yo ass doin here? *shoots his ass of* Die slop mumfocka die!
by 187Crip July 21, 2006
1. drugsdealer
2. cool/tough
If you see somebody getting money for crack he's the dopeman.

P1: You know that virgin bitch, I fucked her yesterday.
P2: Aight fucking dope man.
by 187Crip July 17, 2006

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