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Modification of 'hang out'. You know hang out but be gangster.
You can come gang out with us anytime, player.
by drobbinso November 18, 2010
when all members of a solid group of friends get together to hang out.
maggs: Hey stef, beers tonight?
stef: sure, anyone else coming?
maggs: yeah! mark and nick are down!
stef: yay! its a gangout!
by s_krask November 18, 2009
(V.) When you and your squad decide to meet up and chill.
Johnny: Hey Bill, let's call the guys so we can gang out later!
by Promatheus August 29, 2015
noun: A Google Hangout
verb: To participate in a Google Hangout
noun: Let's jump in a gangout
verb: My best friend moved to the other side of the world, but we gangout every Saturday
by m.o.l.o. July 17, 2014

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