a very powerful gang originally from LA, the crips adopt the color blu. rivals are the blood gang. crips stomp all over bloods. RIP TOOKIE. Crips are particulary ballin most of the time, showing off their money, women, &rides
aye mayne' them must be the crips they ballin.
by southsidechik August 30, 2009
Crip is a term derived from the shortning of the word "crippled". Only those who are multiple generation LosAngelenos who are have street ties know this. Without dropping names, the first crip of noteriety was somewhat of a cripple and needed a cain to walk with. The actual L.A. style gangsta walk comes from this individual. Some of the earliest pictures of these cripping pioneers wore heavy creased levis, penaltons, brims and cains. However contrary to popular beleif, Crips did not emerged before Bloods. All Black soldiers was Bloods (young Bloods), crips came into being in the 70's. Mainly from the eastside in search of Black leather jackets worn by the westside Black panther types. Consequently they were coerced by the powers that be to destroy the Black Power movement, by excepting the role as "drug dealers in the Black communities, as the early Bloods fought to stop them, thus the Bloods and crips fued begain. Although sadly enough both sides are advid grup peddlers among thier own communities.
by thirdye July 12, 2009
A thin, French pancake, that can be tasty and sweet with the right topping. Crips were referenced in the unfunny movie Talladega Nights when Borat wanted Ricky Bobby to acknowledge that crips were sweet and harmless. Unfortunately Ricky didnt listen and got his arm broken.
Yo, dawg, we be goin to IHOP and diggin on some quality mothafuckin crips, BITCH!
by D-WHO!? June 15, 2008
gang out of L.A. they wear blue as their color. rivals of the bloods who wear red.
snoop dogg: i keep a blue flag hanging out my backside, but only on the left side, yeah that's the crip side.
by kelly_the_wondergirl August 07, 2007
Some weird people who wear blue bandannas, and send their 'homies' to write on urban dictionary LOL, so that they can be represented, except their English spelling is awful, so I'm guessing they don't have spell check... They're also rivals to the bloods who have the exact same problem, so maybe the gangs should go get educated ? They should at least learn how to spell so that when they want to diss each other, that people can actually read what their saying , oh and also..when they call each other niggers the do realize that like calling their 'homies' dirt ?
Crip: yoooo dis mofuckkaas izzz gunnnaaa get theere headddzzz stommmpeddd niggggaazzz

Me: Um...what? :S
by random comment :) December 03, 2010
1. The gang.
2. Crip, short for criple.
Spacker: merrr.. eh umh err eh ewwah!
Normal guy: Go and get sum legs u crip.
by wahen & dally January 23, 2008
Coons Retards Idiots and Pickaninnies. The Crips are an African tribe that formed in Compton, California in the 1960s after the Kill Whitey Black Panthers was disbanded. The Crips mainly kill other niggers over shirt colors, dick size or drug deals gone bad.
The Crips killed more niggers last month than the Ku Klux Klan did in it's entire history.
by C_H_I October 21, 2006
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