said when one is feeling annoyed, rubbed the wrong way, etc.
Madison: "I think Dairy Queen is closed today..."
Tucker: "Chaps."
by madisoncheye March 05, 2015
the epidemy of awesomeness. super cool.
"Dude, i just won the lotto!"
"CHAPS!!!!!!! man, chaps!"
by shorty spice April 21, 2010
when a girl has shaved her genitalia without shaving her legs
Women from the Conga frequently sport chaps.
by The Velour Fog September 04, 2006
A Mental Health hellhole of Meadville, PA. Where Staff Members create a dillusional sanctuary, where they monitor the heavily medicated consumers that the system wants to forget. Only to credit them with the ability to give & point fingers regarding 'stigma' so the organizations and it's staff members can make money. Then go back and strip the consumers of their dreams, hopes, and every sense of pride & independence.
What's wrong?

I got kicked outta CHAPS again!

For what?

I wasn't allowed to have more than 2 cigarettes in an hour! I'm not allowed to go to CHAPS for 6 months and I have to either treat my apartment like a prison or hang out aimlessly in-front of neighborhood bars!<:(
by Mrs. Blonde-Badkneez July 16, 2009
someone who is nosey and clingy towards one person
a chap always have to hangout with one person, and they always have to know what they're doing, and who they're doing it with.
by luverdover123 June 24, 2011
1. leather pants worn by gays and motorcycle enthusiasts.
2. word meaning friend usually spoken in a painfully exaggerated 17th century british urchin accent.
1. gay dudes wear leather chaps
2. How are you today ol' chap?
by odd_jackal October 07, 2003
A word used to describe almost anything and everything. But mainly used as an insult. Very good for cursing at anyone with out them having a clue whats going on!
I chapped your mum
by ichappedyourmum February 03, 2011

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