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When its fucking cold.
"it's so fucking chaps that my dick is like a fucking stalagtite"
by Alex Kempton March 08, 2007
13 11
when a girl has shaved her genitalia without shaving her legs
Women from the Conga frequently sport chaps.
by The Velour Fog September 04, 2006
21 20
A Mental Health hellhole of Meadville, PA. Where Staff Members create a dillusional sanctuary, where they monitor the heavily medicated consumers that the system wants to forget. Only to credit them with the ability to give & point fingers regarding 'stigma' so the organizations and it's staff members can make money. Then go back and strip the consumers of their dreams, hopes, and every sense of pride & independence.
What's wrong?

I got kicked outta CHAPS again!

For what?

I wasn't allowed to have more than 2 cigarettes in an hour! ...so I'm not allowed to go to CHAPS for 6 months and I have to either treat my apartment like a prison or hang out aimlessly in-front of neighborhood bars!<:(
by Mrs. Blonde-Badkneez July 16, 2009
2 3
someone who is nosey and clingy towards one person
a chap always have to hangout with one person, and they always have to know what they're doing, and who they're doing it with.
by luverdover123 June 24, 2011
8 12
1. leather pants worn by gays and motorcycle enthusiasts.
2. word meaning friend usually spoken in a painfully exaggerated 17th century british urchin accent.
1. gay dudes wear leather chaps
2. How are you today ol' chap?
by odd_jackal October 07, 2003
138 142
A word used to describe almost anything and everything. But mainly used as an insult. Very good for cursing at anyone with out them having a clue whats going on!
I chapped your mum
by ichappedyourmum February 03, 2011
12 18
Could'a Had A Polo Shirt

A cheaper, more casual line of clothes than Polo, by Ralph Lauren. Its logo is a "C" or a "C" with an RL in it, in laurels. A cut above stuff like Hollister or Old Navy, but still doesn't make the big leagues like Lacoste and Polo
Bob: Yo, look at that dude with the polo with the laurels on it! I see a bigass C in a box. Must be Chaps.

Rob: Yup. He's about 30 bucks short of a real polo, or it's 30% off at The Bay this weekend
by Fortuna Fortes Juvat June 23, 2006
16 22