a female with no facial qualities or assests. unattractive in nature, with the tendency to act "all that."
Damn, that bitch chap.
by #badd July 27, 2011
A douche bag from Fox Chapel.
Look at that ass-tastic Chap!
by Ratasstic June 22, 2011
Andrew Suffrin
Andrew Suffrin is chap
by DaRealest56789 November 11, 2010
Bad name for a Norteno\Norputo.
Fuck you you fucking chap
by Taboo Tongue May 20, 2004
chinese-american princess. see jap.
She got a Tiffany necklace, an iPhone, and Mahnolo's for her 12th birthday, what a CHAP.
by kchink March 24, 2010
To knock on something.
Want to play chap door run?
by lisa t November 23, 2006
to be exceedingly bothersome, annoying

to rub someone the wrong way
oh man, that really chaps my ass

dude, that kid really chaps my ass
by TheFarmer July 17, 2006

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