Could'a Had A Polo Shirt

A cheaper, more casual line of clothes than Polo, by Ralph Lauren. Its logo is a "C" or a "C" with an RL in it, in laurels. A cut above stuff like Hollister or Old Navy, but still doesn't make the big leagues like Lacoste and Polo
Bob: Yo, look at that dude with the polo with the laurels on it! I see a bigass C in a box. Must be Chaps.

Rob: Yup. He's about 30 bucks short of a real polo, or it's 30% off at The Bay this weekend
by Fortuna Fortes Juvat June 23, 2006
a female with no facial qualities or assests. unattractive in nature, with the tendency to act "all that."
Damn, that bitch chap.
by #badd July 27, 2011
Bad name for a Norteno\Norputo.
Fuck you you fucking chap
by Taboo Tongue May 20, 2004
A douche bag from Fox Chapel.
Look at that ass-tastic Chap!
by Ratasstic June 22, 2011
Andrew Suffrin
Andrew Suffrin is chap
by DaRealest56789 November 11, 2010
chinese-american princess. see jap.
She got a Tiffany necklace, an iPhone, and Mahnolo's for her 12th birthday, what a CHAP.
by kchink March 24, 2010
To knock on something.
Want to play chap door run?
by lisa t November 23, 2006

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