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Usually found in the bay area- mainly Santa Cruz and The San Lorenzo Valley.
Originally used to descibe marijuana and how the crystals were so sticky they resmebled actual puss.
Puss is used to describe how good something is.
Like using 'rich' to describe a food.
I have the puss

Verb- to be puss
Shes puss at playing the trumpet

Damn homie, Rich has the puss dank right now

Monica-"Did you see Johnny jump out of that tree?"
Karla- "Yeah, that was the pussest thing I've ever seen!"

Moreah- "I got an A on my paper!"
Colt "Puss!"

Used for anything-
"This food is puss"

"She is so puss"

"I need to smoke a puss joint"

"Help, help my leg is covered in puss"
by Moreah September 13, 2006
To get in trouble. Usually with the police. Used often in Santa Cruz County.
The po's rolled at that kegger and me and matt got straight chapped. They gave me a drunk in public ticket. Not puss.
by Moreah January 11, 2009
The term is actually "jumping the SHARK" referring to the painful last episodes of Happy days in which arthru fonzerelli aka 'the fonze" jumps over sharks on water skis while simultaneously wearing his trademark leather jacket. Jumping the shark occurs when a show has hit and alltime low and has to do something drastic and crazy to maintain its viewers and keep them interested.

Example- Hey did you hear that Sean and Christian are moving troy/ macnamara to LA for the new season of Nip/tuck? Wow I hope there not jumping the shark with that one.
by Moreah February 07, 2007
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