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A kick-ass town in California. It's in the Monterey Bay area, right on the coast in central Cal. Laid-back, great surfing, awesome local bands (The Expendables, Dub Congress, Antidote). It's also known for all the stoner hippies that live there.
"Hey man, Santa Cruz is the place to be, I'll never leave."
by JaaDee August 09, 2005
A wonderful town in California. Home to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, UCSC, The Mystery Spot, and many wacky people.

keep Santa Cruz weird!
by kelseamarie May 08, 2007
the best place to find crip dank in america
dude, i'm going to santa cruz for 420. I'm gonna get so ripped!
by ybaa May 17, 2009
Santa Cruz is known for its accepting and stoned community. It is a great place to live and is home to many pro surfers. but that doesn't mean that you should come and live there. Trannies go home!!!! and by trannies i mean anyone who thinks they, on any god given day can just go out and try to learn to surf, this also includes any one who lives in a valley or san jose.
Josh(with the puka shell necklace):Hey bra lets go hit up some hella' sick waves at cowell's and the lane dude. yah!!!!

Local:SMACK!!!! Get out of Santa Cruz you fucking valley and never come back!!!!
by Tristan hicko January 01, 2006
a kick ass place were u dont mess with LOCALS
and watch out for the "gangs" on the board walk.

lets go stroll on the beach in sunny beautful SANTA CRUZ
by willow June 19, 2006
A pretty awesome town in California. The locals are all cool with you so long as you don't act like the tourist you are, and share their same open mindedness.

However, they're only 'open minded' as long as you share their exact mindset.

It's a great town when you're living there, but once you move away and gain a little perspective, you tend to realize how stuck in their ways all the people are.
Local(at a coffee shop): Pshaw. Look at those girls. They don't know where they're at, obviously.
Ex-Local, looking over, seeing three girls in regular work wear: skirts, high-heels and nice shirts): What are you talking about?
Local: They shouldn't be here with their nice clothes. No one local would ever dress like that. Break out from the mold! This is Santa Cruz, not San Jose!!
by Vintage Twinkie August 14, 2008
sick as town in california bay area. great beaches and great overall vibe. everyone smokes weed and partys all night. santa cruz is surf city!! the slugs (ucsc students) and tourists are laaaame. Santa cruz high is a good high school where everyone gets baked at lunch.
me: i grew up in santa cruz
person: you mean The santa cruz?

me: yes?
person: i heard santa cruz was the best place in the world
me: you heard right
by caligirl123 October 18, 2010
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