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no way
billy: do you guys want to go to the movies with me?
tom: no way
hakeem: hell nah son
by Brian Gabay October 12, 2003
nope, uhh uhh, no way, not gonna happen
E: Zee wanna go to you crib and check it out
R: HELL NAH!!!!!!
by SlickRickone April 16, 2010
guetto for: I can't believe it.
Anynimous guy #1: "So then I told him to go flunk himself."

Anonymous guy #2: " Hell nah!!"
by Nando the wise February 27, 2007
A complete defiance to a situation.
No I will absolutely not contribute in that act for I am completely and morally against it....BitCh!
by Heliroo October 17, 2003