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'Chaps' is a kind of person who has a real life cullen in their life.

'Chaps' tend to be obsessive over grammer, excellent at maths, in denial about how pretty they are and prone to writing the name of their loved ones all over other peoples property. They also tend to have similar characteristics to Bella Swan.

'Chaps' also are prone to be "tree huggers" and woods are a huge passion of theirs.

Also, 'Chaps' tend to be part of the small group that prefers myspace to facebook.
Alex : OMG, your girlfriends such a Chaps!
Finstin : Ikr! She's like a total Bella clone! <4
by 7872 August 09, 2009
36 16
one of da most ugliest mothafuckaz you've even seen...thisa word was originated from dat fiya fiya louisiana..YER-ME
sit down bitch, YOU CHAP!
by InNEEyah May 09, 2006
312 293
Every Harley rider knows that chaps are leather legs that protect in a crash and in cooler weather help you to keep warm. Rodeo chaps use them too. uhh uhh.
Ohh, it's cold today. We had better put on our chaps today before we ride.
by Dougo April 05, 2004
55 36
A severe punishment. Occurs when a male human slaps another living being around the face with his penis a number of times to rectify their misdoing/s.
Pete: <spills coffee>
Carl: You daft oaf, you have wrecked my evening!
Pete: How dare you offend me in such a public manner! Do you want Chaps?!?!
Carl: I'm sorry Peter! Forgive me! PLEASE!
Pete: Its Chaps for you my friend. Kneel before me and receive the cleansing of your being.
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
72 56
Another name for child or children.
Tell those chaps to go to bed.
by Datsmiman January 23, 2012
25 18
the epidemy of awesomeness. super cool.
"Dude, i just won the lotto!"
"CHAPS!!!!!!! man, chaps!"
by shorty spice April 21, 2010
9 5
Northern Ireland noun referring to fat potato chips. Usually they have to come from a chap shap and be cooked by a big girl. Best cooked in beef dripping and slathered in red sauce and salt n vinegar. Also good with a tinna coke.
If only their chaps didnt taste so good, I would wanna eat them all the time. Ah well, sure I'm fat anyway.
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
12 8