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Cold; freezing
I'm chapping, u nah!
Last night it was chapping!
by Eva May 09, 2004
Applying lip balm or chapstick to the eyes or eyelids, which gives a pleasant sensation similar to the icy fresh burn from breathing in right after chewing mint gum.
Chapping was discovered for and is an effective method of staying awake in class.
Chapping while high may give you "Eagle vision", where everything becomes clearer and you can see everything, and in high definition, much like the vision of an eagle.
The only reason he saw her from so far away was because he was high and chapping at the same time

Yeah dude eagle vision!
by thejaggler June 25, 2010
Chapping is the term for that long, lustful make out you and your significant other share. When your in the car after a hot date and you both know, it's time. When you chap, both of your lips have been pre-moistened by the chap stick. It is not a dry or super moist experience.
Friend one "It took you 30 minutes to get out of his car, wtf?"
The Chapper "We were chapping, deal with it."
by Original Chapper April 08, 2014
The act of fapping and chatting.
Emma and I were on the phone but little did she know that I was chapping.
by JaketheDoge February 04, 2016
The process of chatting and fapping at the same time.
Emily and I were on the phone, but little did she know, I was chapping.
by JaketheDoge December 18, 2015
The act of being a "chap". Usually involves some sort of crude humour, followed by the phrase "nah, just chapping mate, just chapping". If a party/person is insulted by a certain comment, the phrase "just chapping" automatically removes any hard feelings.
Oi, Johnny, your mum's queer!.....Hey! Shut the **** up douche, don't talk about my mum like that!.....Ha! Nah bro, just chapping, just chapping......HAHAHA you're the best Nathanial, you're the best.
by groganjosh February 16, 2010
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