Evil. You dont need it. Shows erected tents all the time.
THat girl found out I wanted to sex her up cause if these!
by Flame060 February 16, 2005
Underwear for men that give you free movement of your genitals. Like shorts only shorter, they separate the cool dudes from the nerds and sissies.
It is a cool dudes job to give a hanging wedgie every day to any boy who does not wear boxers.
by James the boxer wearer June 03, 2005
The best underwear you can get, lets everything go free. Girls wear them too, I have no idea why.
I wear my boxers everyday because they are cool and stuff.
by Nigredo September 05, 2005
What all boys and men should wear. Y-fronts are disgusting and anyone who wears them should be burnt on a stake.
Boxers are sexy. Y-fronts are not.
by psycho bitch March 19, 2004

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