The word boxers has 3 definitions.
1. A plural to the term boxer; a participant in the sport of boxing.
2. An alternative form of underwear to Y-fronts and/or briefs to which the third definition may also apply.
3. An adjective for a heterosexual girl or homosexual man, more commonly for the former, who has loose sexual inhibitions (commonly known as a slut). To refer to someone as 'boxers' is to imply they spend all their time either around the genital area of a man, or getting wet rolling around (or more likely rubbing up) alongside others like them. It is thought that this term was first used in this manner in a banterous pub conversation between a group of friends featuring such a woman.
person 1: shit man that dude looks fucked
person 2: I'd keep your voice down I hear him and his mates are ex boxers you don't want to get into trouble with them

person 1: *upon walking into bedroom having just showered* shit man mum's washed twice the number of socks this week but I've yet to see a single pair of clean boxers from her...
person 2: well dude if you're really desperate I have some to spare in my overnight bag
person 1: I think I'll go without thanks actually dude no offence but I've heard some rumours about you floating around school I won't say what but I just don't want to take the risk of getting crabs

person 1: dude did you hear what person 3 got up to last night?
person 2: no dude what?
person 1: well I heard she was grinding up against this random girl and then spent the night doing weird shit with like 4 or 5 guys...
person 2: dude I'm not surprised that girl is boxers
by coit105 May 16, 2010
Someone who's profession is the manufacturing of boxes.
Two men are having a disagreement.

Zac: "Back off mate! I used to be a semi-professional boxer you know"

Alan: "Really? Let me see your hands...Wow! They're huge! You must have been really good at making boxes!"
by Athans July 05, 2011
A gay person who engages in the activity of punching someone to hit on them. Usually, they do not even realize their strange method of flirting is very annoying to others.
1. Man, Anderson just keeps saying, "wanna box?" He just gave me a sore arm!
Yeah, I know, he's a boxer.

2. "Let's box!" - "No, I'm not a boxer, go away."

by nanolyxtix April 14, 2009
Best underwear ever. Like government, underwear's sole purpose sould be to protect the people without taking away too much of their freedom. Boxers serve this purpose greatly. They prevent the chafin of the genitals while letiing the balls go free.

Look better on women than men? Not really. Well, I guess they do, because women are women and men are men and I'm not attratced to men, so yeah. As for them being the only type of men's underwear that look better on women than men, hell no. Of course, it would be disturbing to see a chick in boxer briefs with the crotch holder hanging out, but I'd much rather see a chick in men's briefs than boxers.
Boxers seperate the men from the boys.
by oh shit i'm dead January 29, 2005
A slang name given to a member of the secret kung-fu society "Heavenly Fists" during Qing (Ch'ing) China by Western folks.

They consisted of people who claimed to be impervious to bullets and pain, therefore the Empress Dowager allowed them to go on a rampage.

The British and others saw they were doing some weird "boxer" fighting movements, hence the name "Boxer".
"The Boxer Rebellion was pretty ineffective."
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
an evil invention that if participating in an athletic activity, will only lead to badly bruised balls!
2 years ago, i ran track with boxers on and my testicles felt like they wer being twited an frozen!OW!!!!!!!!!
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
A migrant worker who boxes lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage.
Jose, what do you do for work?

I'm a boxer. My whole family is professional boxer; whe box lettuce, tomatoes, cabbages.
by Nick November 17, 2003

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