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A sharp wooden stick used to dust vampires, people enter the stake through the heart and the vampire turns to dust
Quick pass me a stake, this guy is trying to bite me
by White Wicca March 14, 2004
A fake stoner usually from 15-17 years old, always brags about he/she is always high. Usually posting on facebook status with misspelled words like, "Am sooo hiii" "Im happy cuz im high" "dum haterz dont now about weed." Always annoying you when you are talking about something and they're always bringing weed up.
Stop trying to be a stoner, STAKE!
by Transforme July 07, 2011
1.a boy that is shy and scared of heights

2.a sexy,smart,athletic boy but sometimes slutty
1.Gab:Ride The Rollercoaster!
Gab:You are such a Stakes!

2.*hot boy passes by*
Some Chick:oooh dat boy is such a stakes!
by dokphenom January 23, 2008
An action common to modern day teenagers, when a girl or a guy takes something from a friend or sibling because they have gotten permission before and dont feel like asking again. A combination of steal & take.
Man, I guess I should stake John's PSP for this very long car ride.
by Rob van Wijngaarden July 14, 2007
short for mistake; used by modern day teens where if some one says something incorrect in an everyday conversation the teenagers nearby that heard the mistake can hit the person who said the incorrect statement on the back of the neck after calling the word stake and correcting them of what they was wrong
person 1: the dallas cowboys won 4 superbowls
person 2: STAKE! they won five. now let me get my stake
person 3,4,5,6 etc.: STAKE!STAKE!STAKE!STAKE!
person 1: ouch!
by rc2011 October 29, 2010
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