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Beautiful, intelligent and sexy male, known for their genius and good looks.
Wow, that man is such a Zac!
by Myxlptlk February 14, 2008
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Usually jewish, very large penis, extremly atractive and outgoing
Person1:"OMG Zac was amazing last night"
Person2: "I want some of that!"
by tumadre34 May 01, 2008
A sweet, good-hearted guy, who is a really good friend. VERY weird and always makes things interesting. He's kind of a bad influence...but hey....who isnt?Zac loves his friends, and would do anything for them. he's awesome and unpredictable.
who's that?
lucky you:)
by chicablanca89 July 04, 2010
1. sex in jar. The most amazing person i know. one you love. forever
oh this is good, it's like sex in a jar. it must be zachary mullen
by silence66 April 27, 2009
very attractive, large penis, every girl in the world wants to undo his zipper, ulitmate sex god, every guy is jealous becuase of his lady skills. under the sheets specialists.
girl: omg did you see that zac i want to do him.
boy: im so jelly of that zac guy, i wish i was him.
by supermanskeee July 27, 2011
an amazingly sweet guy who you will fall in love with. A guy that you cannot leave behind because of his good looks and outstanding personality.
have you seen zac? yeah hes pretty bangin!
by hgfj November 14, 2011
A sweet, innocent-hearted guy, who is usually adored by females. When around people who may arouse his sexual desires, he tends to open up his bad side, using profanity. A Zac will usually have a pretty face and beautiful light colored eyes, but on the inside his body is not muscular. Zacs usually enjoy sports and artistic activites such as music.
Did you hear that Zac has a small penis?
Yeah but his face is so pretty!
by TrueTotheSoul February 05, 2010
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