A guy who gets lots of pussy; a pimp.
Dude fucked three sloots last night, he a boxer
by Agent_Orange March 19, 2004
hyperactive dog that licks, chews, and slobbers unrelentlessly.
This boxer just shit on my floor
That boxer is humping my leg
by John Doe November 12, 2003
an evil invention that if participating in an athletic activity, will only lead to badly bruised balls!
2 years ago, i ran track wit boxers on and one my testicles felt like they wer being twited an frozen!OW!!!!!!!!!
by Briefboy September 20, 2008
What people wear and therefore think they're the shit, but will only lead to badly bruised balls.
During cross-country practice, gs68 nearly destroyed his balls because he was wearing boxers.
by dj gs68 August 04, 2003
A boxer fight in a kind of little arena called a ring. Boxers hit their opponent in the face until somehting happens( for example: the opponent falls or the time of the match is up). Afther some times, boxers may start chewing other people's ear or scream ADRIAN out loud at any time.
Teacher: Today kids, I got a special surprise for you, a boxer in a cage! Don't study him too close he may eat your eyes.
by Mababama April 08, 2007
1)a brain damaged moron
2)a really cool dog that also slobbers
1)me think not good coz me boxer
2) slobber, slobber, slobber
by i like dags September 27, 2003
the kind of underwear guys look sexy in!
i luv when i see a guy sagging his pants with his tommy boxers sticking out... makes me wanna give him head evern more!
by Michelle November 22, 2003

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