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A person who makes, a sometimes irrelevant, presumptuous argument inconsiderately of all related topics to said argument and with a sense of self importance that overshadows their ability to comprehend any variation of their own argument, let alone any overriding counter argument of any sort, as at all relevant. For this reason arrogance can be described as a form of delusion. Arrogance can often be confused with complacency. The two are very similar but never cross in any way shape or form for the simple reason that arrogance springs out of an argument that is presumptuous, naive and wrong whereas complacency comes out of an argument presented by an experienced individual who understands that, besides the occasional fluke, the underlying principle on which their argument is based is correct. All who refer to complacency as arrogance therefore are unable to accept any possibility that their own stance is incorrect and are therefore arrogant themselves. Arrogance has a common occurrence in bitching as it is sometimes used as a coping mechanism for people who are highly insecure and is rarely pointed out, to someone's face, by anyone who lacks a backbone.
person 1: Did you hear person 3 got herself knocked up at a party 3 months ago?
person 2: DUDE! Are you serious? Omg
person 1: IKR! Of all the people I know I didn't think person 3 would ever do something so irresponsible. As far as I'm concerned all people who're stupid enough to do something like that at our age don't think about how fucked they are going to be for the rest of their life until they get fucked.
person 2: Dude that is so arrogant like you said person 3's not always so irresponsible in fact she fucking aces every test, she's already tried and been fairly successful at living on her own, and she's now holding up a job that pays £70 a week. Stop being such a bitch about her you insecure prick.
by coit105 April 17, 2010
Violence is any form of physical contact that supersedes the accepted level associated with any particular social situation. Violence can occur as a result of tension between two conflicting parties and result in the remaining non conflicting parties participating in the same social occasion to feel socially uncomfortable or awkward. Violence can sometimes be mistaken for a subjective view held by a group or individual. This is ,however, often not the case, rather the individual or group is in a social situation they do not understand or are unfamiliar with.
person one: Omg I'm so nervous about this house party I've only been in this country for 2 weeks.
person two: don't be too worried just be yourself and don't get too...
person one: Omg some guy just slapped another guy across the hand! Such violence!
person two: *lol* chill that's just a hi5 it's like a way people greet each other at these things.
by coit105 April 18, 2010
the process by which a person (s) is 'owned' or defeated with tremendous skill at something
actual conversation featuring rather large amount of ownage on facebook group 'i hate waiting for the bus'

Person one: Not actually a fan just thought i'd say if you're tired of wating for the bus GET THE FUCK UP AND WALK YOU LAZY PEOPLE. The economy is a temporary problem in our country but obesity was around before during and i'm pretty sure it'll be there after so start getting exercise in and stop taking the bus.

person two: lol person one :) you're funny man =D

group admin:Thats funny? yeah u walk and get to ur destination on time u idiot. get urself out of this group u ignorant little shit.

person one: i reckon you can get anywhere on time if you leave early enough perhaps you should be more organised in your outings. plus sometimes waiting for the bus makes you late and you would've been better off walking which surely defeats the point of the bus. when i said what i said i was joking around when you called me an idiot and an 'ignorant little shit' that's rather a personal thing to say. also leave person two alone what he finds funny is his opinion and i think you'll find he's entitled to it! final point i wouldn't have joined this group if it was actually possible to leave a comment without doing so, so maybe do something about that before having a go at me in such a deliberately personal and aggressive way. if you have anything valid to say back say it if not i think it'll be your turn to take on the role of the 'ignorant little shit'

person one: (later that day) your silence speaks for itself

person three: well done person one... that made me crack

person two: lol person one, you're a bit random.

person four: haha nicely said
by coit105 June 22, 2009
Also known as DJWS a state of drunkenness where the first consonant of each word is swapped with the one of the word succeeding it. In cases where one word does not have a consonant to start on the consonant of the word with a consonant is placed at the front of it and left as is. Tends to happen at the end of a sentence perhaps due to the fact the subject becomes overconfident as they haven't jord wumbled the sentence that they are condemned to fuck it up. Often occuring in young intellectuals at party's where alcohol is so bountiful no person can reject getting muntered even if only slightly.
person 1: dude have I ever told you how luch move I have for you?
person 2: holy christ your breath's dehydrating my skin you're so fucked
person 1: my life is oo tawesome. I really shouldn't bitch mo such.
person 2: dude wtf did you just say? I think you have drunken jord wumbling syndrome. Here sit down and blow chunks
by coit105 May 08, 2010
The win bin is widely regarded by some as the most fantastic place in all existence as it is where all forgotten comments/idealistic scenarios that were once described as being 'win' or used in the context as for the win end up and materialise into perceptual worlds. As such it is believed that if conventional religions such as Christianity, Islam etc. are replaced with new-age religions such as Wozomboism the afterlife will consist of all souls either spending all eternity in the win bin or the wank bank (an endless pit of semen representing all the sins of mankind the worst of which being the increasing amounts of discarded life, casual sex and masturbating, hence the semen).
person 1: omg these nachos are awesome
person 2: dude the only thing that would make this moment more awesome would be if star wars was originally made in 3D and we were watching them right now in an Imax multiplex in space all by ourselves
person 2: YEAH! *hi5 occurs*

one star wars trilogy later

person 1: dude you see that Imax in space idea we had earlier?
person 2: yeah?
person 1: don't you think we should write it down or something so we don't forget to do it in case we ever actually get to go into space?
person 2: dude chances are we won't but it won't matter if we do and we've forgotten because then it'll end up in the win bin!
by coit105 May 16, 2010
The special kind of black eye you get at a party whilst drunk that, when you wake up, actually looks like someone's smudged eye shadow on your eye whilst you slept until you wipe it with a damp cloth and realise it's a bruise. Also known as the Egyptian eye or the imposter permanent marker as it sometimes resembles the make up styles of the ancient Egyptians or the faded pattern of a permanent marker.
person 1: shit dude what happened last night? I feel like I spitroasted somebody
person 2: *muffled* lol I don't know dude but you've got eye shadow on your face
person 1: awh fuck not again *wipes face* FUCK DUDE THAT'S NO EYE SHADOW IT'S A BRUISE.
person 3: *muffled* no way dude, you got an eye shadow bruise?!
person 2: hey guys I realise this is a pretty spectacular phenomenon but you could at least revel in the spectacularity of the moment after you've taken your cocks out of my mouth and arse?
by coit105 May 08, 2010
Gun spamming is a phrase that originated in the early 2000's as the game first person shooter action genre really came alive with such titles as Timesplitters, Halo and Call of duty: big red one and the revolution of email and therefore easier internet spamming. It describes the act of being shot at repeatedly with the same gun until being killed or vice versa at an opponent. AI spamming is similar. It is when a group of Artificial Intelligence simulated enemy's, also known as bots or computer controlled characters, crowds a player making it impossible for him to move and killing him via melee or firing repeatedly depleting his health until dead. This situation often occurs with zombies. Another describes a similar situation where a group of enemy's converse in one spot trying to kill each other and a player seizes the opportunity and gun spam's them until dead raising his score significantly. None of these terms are used in modern day shooters due to technology evolving and as such spam is not used as much. Modern day shooters also have no or small health bars due to the increase in realism. These increases also mean that a quick 3 shot burst is all people can fire without recoil ruining aim completely and developers, taking this into account, have chosen to make this all that's needed most of the time to down a foe.
Person 1: Dude I totally rocked Timesplitters 2 on this frantic elimination match last night. It was a videogame spam fest man! I was down about 15 lives because I kept getting spammed with the soviet rifle and AI kept spamming me down tight corridors. So I stayed in open areas until they started spamming each other like crazy and I was blowing 'em down 2 at a time! No joke!

Person 2: DUDE SWEET!

Person 3: Hey guys what you talking about?

Person 2: Oh nothing much hey you done that maths homework?

Person 3: Nah lol who has? See you later yeah?

Person 2: Yeah sure

Person 1: That seemed pretty cold of you. What's the deal with you and him?

Person 2: Nothing really. He's just a complete tool. Plus he plays modern warfare 2 online all the time so he wouldn't get spamming.

Person 3: Oh he's one of those people? Fuck sake. People these days have no idea what makes a good game anymore.

Person 2: Nuff said. *hi5's person 3*
by coit105 September 08, 2010

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