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adjective or verb describing a person or situation which is steeped in banter; to be banterous in nature.

From the all encompassing term banterrific
"He was a very a banterous chap, wasn't he?"

"Yes but I did feel that Mr. Beckham could have done without wearing that sarong. That was not in the least bit bantiferous"
by Zach_banter February 16, 2006
38 14
Describing that which is full of banter; muchos bant.
When participating in a drinking game resulting in an amusing outcome, one may utter "this is a very banterous thing"
by Mistress B January 29, 2006
13 6
A situation or joke which has banter in it
Stealing my mates boxers whilst he was in the shower was banterous
by helen4001 April 11, 2009
3 6
The adjective of banter, to describe something full of banter.
"You should have seen last night, Shaft was so banterous! Proper ripping into the Milk he was!"
by Alex Shaft October 19, 2008
2 5
Something that is just complete banter!
Also the best word ever according to Mark & Becca :)
Twilight Boy is sooo BANTEROUS!
by beccaaa! July 29, 2008
8 15