a fight or fighting that usually includes happyslapping,puching kicking and children chanting BEEF BEEf
there was BEEF in school 2day
by www.evlear.piczo.com October 25, 2005
A criminal charge.
For instance, a "skin beef" is a sex crime, while a "bum beef" is a false charge.
by SadistiK December 08, 2002
The Act of having some type of problem or argument towards someone who is awesome-er than the person who currently is the holder of beef.
"Bro! why are you screaming at me?! You got beef!"
by Luis1angel June 29, 2013
Royal Navy, Royal Marine slang for Homosexual
Is that Fifty cent a Beefer? or is Enimnen Beef?
by Monkey002 November 30, 2012
a word used by real men, said in a manly voice.
BEEF, beer, pub, football, girls.

I'll have the BEEF fajitas please. BEEF.
by BEEFLOVE September 02, 2012
adj. visually appealing
That hot girl has so much beef.
That flat screen t.v. looks so beef.
Ugly Betty has no beef.
by John Barkley May 11, 2012
abbreviation for Elizabeth that is only a nickname used by her best friends and only awesome people can call her that, like her closest friends.

-on of the coolest and most awesome people in the entire word and is looked up upon by all of her friends
-on of the most unannoying people you will ever be friends with your entire life
Freind: hey Beef!

Elizabeth: hey waz up!
by awsomest-person-ever_):(:)-cow March 24, 2012

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