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Noun: beef
Adjective: beefy

As the best food ever, beef means a nice thing, activity, and so forth...

The adjective form is a synonym to nice.

NB: In French, the term beef is the adjective and the noun.
That ska band, that's the beef! (so that's a nice music band)
It was such a beefy night!

Ce groupe de musique ska, c'est de la beef.
Trop de la beef cette soirée.
by KARYMSKA October 03, 2010
1 1
code/slang term for marijuana, started in the chicago suburbs of willow springs and countryside. short for jibeefer, a variation of reefer. one of the 3 essential B's of life. bitches, beer/brew, and BEEF
dude we gotta get some beef and brew tonight. and find some bitches
by killaspringsnigga July 05, 2009
4 4
1. (Verb)- What 90% of mainstream rappers start to do 3 weeks before their new record is set to come out.
Rapper 1: You were never gangster, like I was and still am.
Rapper 2: Your rhymes are weak and your tracks have no bottom.

Me: You're both equally shameless and untalented. Stop the beef.
by thatbreeze October 16, 2008
1 1
its whats for dinner
let's eat some good old american beef so we can die of heart disease
by troj@n_Man August 15, 2008
11 11
Is that its for every thing really
you can use it in any context
Just use It, It Goes For Every Thing !! =D
A: Stop Beefing !!

B: Holy Beef!!

C: Looking Beefy :P
by Levi !! April 09, 2008
8 8
A meat that is delicious.

A fight.
i gots a beef witchu betch!


dang! i luv beef!
by Cincodemayobetch November 29, 2007
1 1
bringing your own sexpartner already with you on a party and not being in the need for getting to know somebody
Q.: Comming along alone ?
A.: No, brought my own beef with me.
Q.: Do I know her?
A.: No she is fresh.
by w.a.r November 15, 2007
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