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code/slang term for marijuana, started in the chicago suburbs of willow springs and countryside. short for jibeefer, a variation of reefer. one of the 3 essential B's of life. bitches, beer/brew, and BEEF
dude we gotta get some beef and brew tonight. and find some bitches
by killaspringsnigga July 05, 2009
1. (Verb)- What 90% of mainstream rappers start to do 3 weeks before their new record is set to come out.
Rapper 1: You were never gangster, like I was and still am.
Rapper 2: Your rhymes are weak and your tracks have no bottom.

Me: You're both equally shameless and untalented. Stop the beef.
by thatbreeze October 16, 2008
its whats for dinner
let's eat some good old american beef so we can die of heart disease
by troj@n_Man August 15, 2008
Is that its for every thing really
you can use it in any context
Just use It, It Goes For Every Thing !! =D
A: Stop Beefing !!

B: Holy Beef!!

C: Looking Beefy :P
by Levi !! April 09, 2008
A meat that is delicious.

A fight.
i gots a beef witchu betch!


dang! i luv beef!
by Cincodemayobetch November 29, 2007
bringing your own sexpartner already with you on a party and not being in the need for getting to know somebody
Q.: Comming along alone ?
A.: No, brought my own beef with me.
Q.: Do I know her?
A.: No she is fresh.
by w.a.r November 15, 2007

Picking a fight

Meat from a cow
Man, u got beef now, u asking 4 it!

I don't like beef as much as I like pork.
by SmartIdea October 29, 2006