A boyfriend, a male significant other, the guy you're dating. The term was first coined in Seattle.

boyfriend = bf
bf = bee ef
bee ef = beef
"Have you seen her new beef?"
"Watch out, Jason is a bad beef."
by Meveret Green September 09, 2009
Another word for bestfriends.

Damn, Michelle and Audrey have been hitting it off all day, they must be beefs .
by audrey00h January 03, 2009
The size of a males dick
My girlfriend was soo impressed by my beef last night in bed.
by Sexual Conotations May 12, 2014
The male equivalent to the queef, where air exits the penis, however in this case is a result of excessive ejaculation or simply old age.

Also referred to as beefing.
1. I came so much that my dick is now beefing.
2. I'm so old that when your grandmother and I my make whoopie my wiener beefs.
by Shin Kintsurugi September 23, 2012
the act of pooping; releasing bodily waste out one's asshole.
I just drank a shitload of Schlitz and now I feel like I'm going to beef everywhere.
by raughton18 October 13, 2010
What's beef? beef is much more than an arguement with somebody, much more than having a grudge on someone, people get hurt, and even killed in beef. " Beef " now a days is played out.
Whats beef? Beef Is When You need 2 gats to go to sleep, beef is when ya moms aint safe up in the streets, beef is when i see you, guarunteed to be an ICU.
by realtalkz101 August 04, 2009
A word more commonly used in the U.K to describe an attractive quality of a man's body, as to refer to his fitness, usually. Linked to beefy.
"Oh Jesus, did you see James play rugby the other day? He is pure British BEEF!"

Girl 1: "Oh my god. LOOK at the guy!"
Girl 2: "BEEF!"
by Izzyyyy October 06, 2008

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