bringing your own sexpartner already with you on a party and not being in the need for getting to know somebody
Q.: Comming along alone ?
A.: No, brought my own beef with me.
Q.: Do I know her?
A.: No she is fresh.
by w.a.r November 15, 2007

Picking a fight

Meat from a cow
Man, u got beef now, u asking 4 it!

I don't like beef as much as I like pork.
by SmartIdea October 29, 2006
to give someone beef is to give them lair
Don't cut me beef coz i will slice it and i will dice it!
by Dougie H May 24, 2005
This is when someone really messes up while doing somthing simple.
Wow! Willie really beefed that shot.
by Ack February 01, 2005
1. Jeff Binder, due to his massive size and musculature.

2. Jeff Binder in the act of having sex, aka beefing.
Beef just beefed the shit out of that chick beef style (on her back, one leg carelessly thrown over the shoulder).
by Cheekzilla March 20, 2004
Slang term used by slightly mad scots men to describe the game Battlefield 1942
Beef! BEEF! Lets play some BEEF!!!
by Gamesoc March 17, 2004
when you have problems/fights with another persone
"why u gotta start beef with my girl"
"dont be starting beef with me"
by cass February 22, 2004

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