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When a girl start giving a guy head but then decides to stop/leave before the guy blows his load.
She stoped giving me head before I cames and she left. All I got was a half-pipe.
by King of Half'rs January 15, 2005
This is the origin of the word as far as I know. Two opposing ramps originally used for BMXers, but now used by snow boarders, roller bladers, skateboards and others. See also quarter pipe.
I heard they're building a new half-pipe down at the park this summer. Let's try it out but I'm not down with wearing all of the armor they are going to require.
by Tentochi February 11, 2005
When wearing pants...the fact that the zipper area curls into a curved surface resembling the formation of a halfpipe. also looks like you have an erection
"yo son, i was rocking a halfpipe during math class"
by hey!steve May 27, 2005
noun, meaning a penis that is not fully erect, but half-way.
It was horrible when I had to walk in front of the class with a half-pipe hanging out.
by Jonathan and Carl January 09, 2004
A term for a skateboard ramp that looks like a U, named a half-pipe because it is essentially half of a full pipe.
How the fuck is half pipe not defined yet?
by tomtom not johnjohn April 23, 2011
Half of a pipe that is ridden in to "get air" while doing some kind of extreme sport
Did you see the mad air I got off that half pipe Joe?
by fhqwhgads May 05, 2003
when you dont have a full on hard on, but you got a semi hard on.
i cant stand up right now cos i got a half pipe.
by halfpipeasaurus March 17, 2011
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