1. to be engaged in an argument or fight.
2. less commonly known as farting

1. I got into a beef with that asshole at the bar.
2. Oh man that stinks! Who beefed?
by BXCCOS October 07, 2006
something you get from cows
cow: do you want beef? you askin for beef?
me: no thank you
by *^_^* July 31, 2005
A slang term used to describe conflict between people.
Tarun said "not many boys are brave enough to beef me"
by jjofficialxv October 28, 2014
The cool name for a fart
(fart noise)

Cam:"Awhh dude did you just Beef?"
by BMacc October 21, 2009
Is that its for every thing really
you can use it in any context
Just use It, It Goes For Every Thing !! =D
A: Stop Beefing !!

B: Holy Beef!!

C: Looking Beefy :P
by Levi !! April 09, 2008
A man's Penis, Cock, Dick.
Hot beef in my taco! I mean hottt.
by YUYUYUY August 01, 2007
It's whats for dinner
Vegetarian: Ooh, what're you eating?
Carnivore: It's called beef jackass.
by austinD April 17, 2007

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