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Loonah describes someone who is somewhat on the edge of a breakdown. This can also be used to name the person as such. The person usually screams that they want bread or lead. The word "Loonah" is also a common spelling error of "Cloonah" or "Loony". The person will often suffer emotional outbursts or strange intertwining of fingers.
(Loonah): I want bread!!! I want lead!!
Person T: Whoops, looks like we got another "loonah"


Person P: Dude, have you seen that guy who is faaaaaaaacked?
Person B: The guy is loonah.


(Loonah): Let's get serious..
Persons T,P,B: What sort of line? A pipeline?
by emmarhoids May 06, 2010
To do some bangin.. like rogerring your lady friend... slipping your todger up her... rat up a drainpipe etc. Fompen is the verb of "fomp".
Man: Hey Lady,
Lady: Yeah?
Man: Im in the mood for some fompen
Lady: Let's fomp!

Man: I wanna fomp you in the butt
Lady: Im in the mood for fompen too!
by emmarhoids February 10, 2011
To fart.
"Who let out that beef?" or "Who beef'd?" or "Woah! that was a juicy beef!"
by emmarhoids May 04, 2009

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