abbreviation for "all right, gary's home.", also sound a made by someone to show lack of language skills when frustrated.
Often confused with the sound a pirate makes, but spelled with less g's and h's
"ARGH!", "Ok mom, we'll get Gary some cheese!"
"ARGH I wish ah new more werdz, it's a might bit perplexing!"
by purple hippo January 11, 2008
Top Definition
1. An exclaimation of annoyance, exasperation, or other negative factor.
2. The sound a made by a stereotypical pirate.

see Blah, Bleh.
a. ARGH! This is taking for-freaking EVER!
b. Arrrggghhh, Matey! Aye be sendin' ye down to Davey Jones' Locker, aye be!
by Pixie December 06, 2003
What one says when one slaps one with a pregnant dolphin.
ARGH! Why the $@!* did you slap me with a pregnant dolphin!?!
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
the correct version of an expression of frustration or anger
"No brigette, argh is spelled with an h and not just arg"
by sleepinjoe August 24, 2003
N. Used to describe a feeling of frustration or confusion. Often used for school work or trying to understand someones lack of words. Its simple and straightforward.
Steve: How's that essay coming?

Eddie: Argh.
by Snow Boogie December 10, 2008
A definition for when you want to scream or hit someone because youre really pissed of at something.
"Jen has just told me she fancies dave... argh!"
by Laura G August 07, 2005
An expression of shock, anger, surprise or general exclaimation. Sounds like a scream, yell or shout.
1. Argh! Go away!

2. Argh! You scared me!
by Zelda199 October 20, 2006
Argh is an expression of frustration or anger. When Urght is not suffice, Argh is more extreme.
Teacher: I'm sorry, Sam, you failed you exam.
Sam: ARGH!
Teacher: Excuse me?
Sam: ARGH!!! *facepalm at self and walk away*

Dude: ARGH I burnt my hand in the fire!!
by TooHipsterToBeCool November 06, 2011
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