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To look physically good. To be in good shape. To not be saggin' or a big person.
That shorty is looking mad correct. Check out Jazman, she's got much booy and a nice chest, now she's correct.
by Yo! Sunny Joe December 18, 2006
Slang term for murder or killing someone or something

My girlfriend Nicole told me she saw a spider in the washroom and "corrected its ass"
you better step correct or get corrected

you are a problem thats about to be corrected
by Coin term June 24, 2009
1.the right answer
2.looking good
1. She got the correct answer
2. Damn! That girl was correct!
by Jaguarzx5 April 28, 2004
the right answer; its exact.
1.The correct fact about Javy and Kelly is that Kelly loves Javy way more then javy loves her.
2.Kelly is always correct when javy is mean to her.
by Kellster December 10, 2006
Everything is right. There will be nothing wrong.
Andrew: Tonight's gonna be soooo good
Shannon: Tonight is gonna be sooo correct!
by Keshins January 28, 2005
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