Argh is an expression of frustration or anger. When Urght is not suffice, Argh is more extreme.
Teacher: I'm sorry, Sam, you failed you exam.
Sam: ARGH!
Teacher: Excuse me?
Sam: ARGH!!! *facepalm at self and walk away*

Dude: ARGH I burnt my hand in the fire!!
by TooHipsterToBeCool November 06, 2011
A word used when feeling frustrated, or when you are feeling pirate-y.
John: I failed my math test? Argh!!
by Beerhead March 16, 2005
A sound made when a person is irritated
Arghs i am so irritated
by Tanya Chan July 14, 2009
A noise one make's when one sits on a belaying pin.

Not to be confused with Arrr, which is a pirate noise of agreement, or, whatever the pirate wishes it to be at that moment.
Argh, that hurt!
by Someone December 22, 2003
A acronym for Ass Raping Gay Homo, used by pirates to insult others without them knowing
Captain says, "You can't even sweep the deck, ARGH!!!"
by ZeusKOTG January 25, 2010
The commonly referred to name of someone that has been caught pirating illegal music or pornography. This person must only be referred to as "ARGH" from this point hence.
"ARGH, ole Alec got caught downloading the porn again"
by Maximus March 01, 2005
What a girl says whilst recieving a one eyed pirate.
Girl: ARGH! What'd u do that for?
by Eric March 08, 2005

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