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An expression that means news, local gossip, the facts, the mood in the air. Chant is whatever everyone is talking about right now.
I went to the pub around the corner and asked the bartender for the latest chant going around the neighbourhood...
#news #gossip #information #rumours #chit-chat
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
A latino immigrant between the ages of 12 and 20 who acts gangster and cant speak English very well. Often says stuff like "whats up man" repeatedly because he thinks its cool.
"That school has allot of chants."
"That kid is such a chant".
#mexican #gangster #illegal #immigrant #illegals
by qwerty098123 February 07, 2012
In hardcore music, something said over and over in a monotone voice. It is almost essential to the hardcore sound and ambiance. It is usually considered a part of the breakdown. Most often it is done with crew vocals.
I rushed on stage during the chant along with everyone else.
#hardcore #hardcore chant #crew vocals #hardcore music #crew chant
by Papapanda August 14, 2007
Someone who expresses themselves very vocally and in an opinionated manner
She chants wary of upsetting her
by Randyrambo May 18, 2016
An obese man who lives with with mother and plays online games.
Oh my word that guy is such a chant!
#chant #man #mmo #obese #fat
by sixohsix June 07, 2011
A word that replaces "shit" in just about any conversation, at any given time. Often associated with "Yazzie" as in "chant yazzie" which is frequently used as a way to make fun of native americans, but be careful, talking this way is addicting.
Holy chant that dude just ate some chant yazzie!!!
#aid #native #chant #yazzie #aids
by (;click September 28, 2009
yell, insult, or just flatout go nanners on somebody.
"you best not be chantin me"
#chant #yell #insult #nanners #nuts
by justinelhood August 12, 2007
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