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8 definitions by Cortho3

What one says when one slaps one with a pregnant dolphin.
ARGH! Why the $@!* did you slap me with a pregnant dolphin!?!
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
A slang name for "Cort", mostly used in a Worms World Party Orientated fashion
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
a name that got made up to try and make fun of main, but failing miserably.
Lameframe is a lame name for got to make up, for got is lame.
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
Got's trademarked word where if you use it he will get pissed at you. Definition: one that loves ass.
Person A: You ass monger!
Got: HEY >:O
by Cortho3 March 23, 2003
An odd mainframish name that sounds kind of like gutentag, so thats what I'm saying it means. GUTENTAG!
Random German Person: Gutentag!
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
/me takes away his other got definition. Anyway, Got is: a wanna be roper that thinks he is good but recently couldnt eve find his f8 key.
/me chutes got some more
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003
Shorter name for "Gotenks" in WWP because people are too lazy to type it out and because "got" sounds better.
/me chutes got <--what i say to got way too often ;D
by Cortho3 March 22, 2003