Used to describe someone, that when they are around you, they seem to just kill all the fun.
Man, riding my bike would be fun... if aids wasnt here with me...
by WhiteIce17 June 21, 2007
Adios, Infected Dick Sucker.
Jerry: "My boss came out of the closet today by announcing he is HIV+"
Tom: "lulz. AIDS."
by Johnny Cunnilinguist April 21, 2008
It stands for After Intense Drinking Shit. The term given to really bad Diarrhea after having drank (usually beer) the night before.
Everyone had AIDS after drinking Dogfish Head's "Midas Touch" beer last night.
by Danny1904 March 14, 2007
The reason why the the pool is closed.
Habbo fag: Dude let me through!
anon: Pool's closed due to AIDS!
by Kaido January 08, 2008
a word to describe something which is not up to satisfactory level
man 1: i just bought this new universal remote from a carboot sale

man 2: does it work?

man 1: no its a big steaming pile of aids is what it is
by cameron jamieson November 29, 2006
Good supplies often consisting of bags of rice and medical equipment sent over to skint countries, by richer countries...

Also however, a tragic life-shortening viral illness- mainly retracted through sexual intercourse (common amongst those found in the skint countries mentioned above, and also with partakers of Fruity Bum-love!)

The problem lies with charity people and politicians in distinguishing clearly which one they mean...
Charity man: Godammit! That Oxfham reckon they know how to give out good aids!? We're flying out to Uganda tomorrow and we'll give them AIDS like they've never had before!!
Trainee: But Sir! Wouldn't that just be wrong!? And anyway... I'm a virgin- i have no aids to share.
by Sami M April 30, 2006

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is caused by the HIV virus. Can be transmited by having intercourse or by AIDS carriers giving blood donations.By rumors it usually is common among gay men.
Some beleive the history of AIDS originated somewhere in Africa where some genious tried having relations with a chempanzee who was the carrier of AIDS.But this cannot be 100% proven.
Many people tend to beleive that AIDS kills you. Well it doesn't, it just leads to the events that kill you. It gradually destroyes your immune system until your body is too weak to repel any bacteria that enter the body which results in death. Although there isn't any known cure for AIDS, there are medications that increase people's long term survival.
Magic Johnson caught AIDS in the late 1980's
by Punkundrcovr69 November 04, 2005

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