Good supplies often consisting of bags of rice and medical equipment sent over to skint countries, by richer countries...

Also however, a tragic life-shortening viral illness- mainly retracted through sexual intercourse (common amongst those found in the skint countries mentioned above, and also with partakers of Fruity Bum-love!)

The problem lies with charity people and politicians in distinguishing clearly which one they mean...
Charity man: Godammit! That Oxfham reckon they know how to give out good aids!? We're flying out to Uganda tomorrow and we'll give them AIDS like they've never had before!!
Trainee: But Sir! Wouldn't that just be wrong!? And anyway... I'm a virgin- i have no aids to share.
by Sami M April 30, 2006

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is caused by the HIV virus. Can be transmited by having intercourse or by AIDS carriers giving blood donations.By rumors it usually is common among gay men.
Some beleive the history of AIDS originated somewhere in Africa where some genious tried having relations with a chempanzee who was the carrier of AIDS.But this cannot be 100% proven.
Many people tend to beleive that AIDS kills you. Well it doesn't, it just leads to the events that kill you. It gradually destroyes your immune system until your body is too weak to repel any bacteria that enter the body which results in death. Although there isn't any known cure for AIDS, there are medications that increase people's long term survival.
Magic Johnson caught AIDS in the late 1980's
by Punkundrcovr69 November 04, 2005
Aids will tear your imune system apart and die to common colds easily. Some say it can never be cured but ask yourself, can they? Magic Johnson my friends. In Africa, 5/5's of the population have it, including animals and future babys of the Ashanti people.
An example of Aids is Magic Johnson and his wife or someone in the mall you go to.
by White'c July 16, 2009
When someone pretends to lose alot of weight while only eating Subway sandwichs. When really they are getting help from AIDS. These AIDS put Jared through strength training programs that diminish the effectiveness of the Subway diet. Shame on you Subway.
Jared used to be fat but then he got AIDS

He used AIDS to teach him which steroids are the most effective

The African had to eat the crabs off his pubic hair to live through the week.
by HeadHunter91 April 26, 2008
aka Alcohol induced down syndrome. Used when someone gets really fucked up to the point they become "retarded"
After all those Jager shots last nite, every single one of us got AIDS!
by partykid July 04, 2006
Short for Alcohol Induced Dizzy Spells
"So I'm up to my 10th beer...oh, and by the way, did I tell you I've got AIDS?"

"What the f..."

"Yeah, Alcohol Induced Dizzy Spells"
by Beavis II April 06, 2009
An exclamation that should be made when passing someone with a moustache, a male emo or someone who just looks a bit bent.

Interchangeable with "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome!" ; "Human Immunodeficiency Virus!" and "Gay-Related Immune Deficiency!"
*Walks past a male emo who has a moustache and looks as though he has homosexual tendencies*
by Criminal Activist October 23, 2007
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