good rapper
asscock gives it to men up the ass
by bumdink June 19, 2003
according to blender magazine: He had insane rock-star charisma. He admirably conceived of a gangsta rapper as a principled rebel. His booming baritone gave bass lines competition for the most-trunk-rattling part of a hip-hop song. Hell, even Juice hasn’t aged nearly as badly as you’d expect. But while Tupac’s musical highs were epic—the pro-feminist “Keep Ya Head Up,” the terrifying “Hail Mary,” the boisterous “California Love”—that still leaves 15,837 other songs. He was a good rapper, not a great one: The guy larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler that wouldn’t have made Biggie’s “give to Lil’ Cease” file. Maybe someone in his retinue could’ve stepped in during one of those legendary 96-hour recording binges and said, “Pac, instead of laying down this 14-minute rant about how Sun Tzu taught you how to take down the East Coast, how about some Yahtzee?” The man: awesome. The music: somewhat less than awesome.
by dzzd February 11, 2009
a former rapper that now sells biggie t-shirts on the corner of 2nd street 2 for 10$

and then after you buy his t-shirts, he'll throw a brick through your window with a not attached saying:thank you for the purchase.
2Pac-Yo, I got these Biggie T-shirts, 2 for 10$

Person:Thats great i'll buy 343531/2

later that night, a brick crashes through the persons window

Person:Your welcome 2Pac...
by 2pac himself September 07, 2007
Tupac Shakur is The Greatest rapper off all times.
He's 50%Man & 50%God.
He is much better than all the fake Rappers like Lil Wayne
,Ludacris,Birdman,Soulja Boy,Eminem,Niki Minaj,...
•Rest in Peace Tupac Shakur•
2pac >Lil Wayne
by G-fUNK64 April 18, 2011
All these definitions about 2pac are true he was THE best rapper of all times no doubt about it ....... But there is 1 thing that all of them may have wrong ... there are some of us still today that believe pac is still alive ... they say he got shot .. to death but ... pac wore a bullet proof vest all the time why would he have took it off just for that 1 incident? and another thing .. after a shooting// killing its illegal to not have an otopsy ... they never did 1 on pac .. so wth is up with that? and 1 more thing before his last abulm came out after he died ...on the 13th ... there was 1 song with pac singing about b.i.g dien .. b.i.g died after pac so how would he know .... that b.i.g was gonna die? or is dead..??
^^^^ hes alive thats all i gotta say!
by l3e May 17, 2005
dead nigga
by Anon February 13, 2003
The greatest rapper in the world next to Biggie. If the two of them never had beef things woukd have been different. Pac and Big= PERFECTION
I see no Changes
All i see is racist faces
by 9D1 June 08, 2005

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