What you have to do, when you f**t up your relationship.
If you get caught by your grilfriend while you had xxx with another girl, you definitely have 2pac your bag and leave...
by p.i.n.z. February 28, 2005
an overrated rapper.
aside from the fact that i tend to have a few 2pac songs in my ipod.people need to get off his nuts already
by that guy in glasses January 04, 2009
Wack ass nigga that tried stepping to Mobb Deep and got put in his place.
Yeah likewise, Im tired of rap guys whose faggots
Pure shuteye, and swole up your whole outside
I baptize, niggas get wet, put up your backside
Your claptized and set straight, put on your head straight
Watch out for,
These upstate cats be leary of you
Yeddy niggas wit gats plus the walls on they backs
Rikers island flashback of the house you got scuffed it in
You would think you gettin your head shot was enough but then
Now you wanna got at my team,
You must of been drunk when you wrote that shit
Too bad you had to did it to your own self
My rebellion, I retaliate, I had the whole new york state
Aimin at your face
At the gate, bottom line of top soon as you came through
Shot through, dont even know the half of my crew
I got a hundred strong arm niggas ready to rock the shit
Clocks tick, your days are numbered in low digits
You look suspicious, suspect niggas is bitches
Get chppoed up, grade a meat, somethin delicious
And laced back up, 2 gs, one for stitches
Then reconstruct your face and learn how to speak again
My mobbs like a bunch of wild puerto ricans
Wit bangers the size of african spears
Its warfare in the arena, you turn arenas into house of horrors
Its terrodome, when you see my click you need to run behind shit
You gotta gat you betta find it
And use that shit think fast and get reminded
Of robberies in manhattan you knew what happened
60 gs and one for gun clappin
Who shot ya? youd probably scream louder than an opera
New york gotcha, now you wanna use my mob as a crutch
What makes you think you cant get bucked again
Once again, back in the house once again
Live the life that of diamonds and guns
And now gems pull gats like a basehead pull on stems
The mobb got the bomb run out and tell a friend
Its the infamous..

Prod pwning 2Pac on Mobb classic 'Drop A Gem On em'
by Big Noyd January 06, 2007
The last 1/3 of a standard ration of beer.
Dude, don't bogart my sixer and leave me a 2 pac.
by IonStorm November 24, 2003
1: NOUN A weak body builder who has only got a 2pac instead of a 6pac

2: Brilliant rapper who got smoked in las vegas in a murder orchestrated by marion suge knight. EAZY E WAS JUST AS GOOD THOUGH!!!
Fuck that shit homez im only here to slag off at rappers such as x to va z xzibit and poop loggy logg who sold out his deaf row contract like a faggot
by Nigga Hennessy March 29, 2005
some dead guy, that many people think is still alive, similar to what happened with elvis presley
2pac is dead and people need to realize that
by joshua001 February 26, 2007
A common mistake made by rapper-wannabes by looking up a 14-year-old white girl's skirt.
Just because the girl is hot, doesn't mean you should look up to see the color of her... you could pull off a 2 Pac!!!!
by Qwerty March 19, 2004

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