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1)an over rated nigga who nobody liked when he was out
2)got famouse after he got killed,
like biggie said "your nobody till somebody kills you"

3)a pussy
my 2 pac hurts cause i just got fucked over 2day
by 1 tru nigga 4 u bitch January 11, 2006
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(Too-Pah-K) 1)Dead Rapper 2) The Guy Suge Knight had murdered. 3) A thug and ignorant bastard remade into a folk hero and poet after his death. 4)What's left of a 6 pack when you drink 4. 5) When you can't get a real job because all of your tatoos.
10 Reasons why 2pac was murdered by Suge Knight:
1. 2Pac was about to leave Death Row Records. His album entitled "Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory" was the last album he had to do for Death Row Records. He was now going to work on his new record company called "Makaveli Records". Makaveli Records is the the new record company 2Pac planned on doing with "Tha Outlaw Immortalz".
2. Basicly in a follow-up from # 1... With 2Pac gone, Death Row Records wasn't going to make any money off 2Pac. So, if they killed 2Pac ; everything related to him would get them a whole lot of cash! And, they would now have all of his unreleased songs which they would release under their lable on soundtracks, compilation albums and possibly even new 2Pac albums. Plus, it gets rid of the competition they'd recieve from Makaveli Records.
3. Death Row Records was very uncooperative with the police after 2Pac's death. They hardly told the police anything! In many occasions, the police and newsreporters couldn't even find people on Death Row Records to question. Here's another interesting fact... ABC interviewed Suge Knight after the shooting of 2Pac. He was asked, "If you knew who killed 2Pac, would you tell the police?". Suge then replied "Absolutly Not".
4. If you know about "Makaveli Records", you know about The Outlaw Immortalz. They are the rappers who would be working with 2Pac on "Makaveli Records". Anywayz, one of the members who went by the name "kadafi" was reportedly going to cooperate with the police. Well, soon after the death of 2Pac he turns up dead. Hmmmm....
5. Have you noticed how Death Row Records now goes by the name "New & Untouchable". What's with that?? This name started being used when the Makaveli album came out... Why are they so suddeny untouchable???
6. Death Row Records could have also done a lot of this stuff you're about that's proving 2Pac is Alive. They could be doing this stuff for publicity. EX : They could have made up that whole 7 Day Theory stuff. (Refer to Alive List). And, I'm almost sure they put 2Pac on the cover of the Makaveli album posed as Jesus Christ for publicity.
7. Of course lets not forget the mysterious "Suge Shot Him". If you turn the volume way up...... In the first 3 seconds of the Makaveli album your hear someone say "Suge Shot Him". You hear the voice right before the first bell. (Listen Carefully) I wonder about this though... Is it someone from Death Row Records who knew what was going on with Suge Knight killing him or was it just some publicity stunt for more album sales????
8. Okay... Lets talk about that night at the Tyson fight when 2Pac was shot... You've all probably heard about Orlando Anderson and how Suge got in a fight and was caught on survalance cameras. So, I won't get into that. Anywayz... I've heard a "rumor". I've heard Suge Knight was caught on surveilance cameras at the fight telling 2Pac to take off the vest 'cause it was hot in there. If this is true, why would Suge Knight not want 2Pac wearing his vest???
9. What about what Suge Knight did after 2Pac was shot? Well, as you know 2Pac was shot 5 times and Suge's head was grazed by a bullet. I've heard 2Pac said to Suge, "Don't worry about me. You're shot in the head". Anywayz, as 2Pac lost 22 ounces of blood Suge drove 2Pac to the hospital as fast as he could... When at the hospital Suge said he had a long conversation with 2Pac. But how?? Would you be talking after being shot 5 times and heavily bleeding... What's with that???
10. For # 10 I'll talk about the alive thoery. First of all, I've found a lot more reasons that prove 2Pac is alive. A lot of these could be publicity stunts or just coincedences. But there's more evidence that point to him being alive. It's really tough to make a desision. You gotta really think.... Would 2Pac spend thousands & thousands of dollars in faking his death to get all the eyez off him?? Also, would Suge Knight actually kill 2Pac for money?? Take the life of his "friend" for money??? You really gotta think. Click Here For My Complete Theory
NOTE : As for Suge Knight having possesion of all 2pac's unheard songs... 2Pac's mother sued Death Row Records and won the lawsuit. She now has possesion of the tapes. Death Row Records can no longer make money off 2pac's music. All of 2Pac's unreleased singles will now be featured on new albums under the label "Amaru Records / Jive Records".
by sirisaachillary September 15, 2005
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1.A mediocre talent from a mediocre musical movement.
2.A rapist lauded by dumb black racists like 7 seas.
2pac is a man who very likely could'nt really fight. Hence the gun tatoo etc. Note to Hip-Hop guys-learn to fight, you might bump into me and piss me off one day. What you gonna do then when one of my twisting kicks is imbedded in you're slack jaw
by Sheriff64 April 04, 2006
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a highly overatted rapper who preached violence and thats probably what got him killed. he was never a particually good rapper (actually he was pretty damn shit), but now he is dead has become a sort of god for raplovers (much like kurt cobain-even though he was bloody awsome-has become a god for grungers)and it is bordering on creepy. none of his work is particually special or inspiriring or will change the world. 2pac was a drug taking arsecrap and to be honest the planet is better off without him.
im probably gonna get 1 thousand thumbs down for saying that, but i dont really give a shit.
o yeh: 2pac
by xdarkeningdreamsx December 03, 2006
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An very good lyricist but since his death in the the 90's very overrated. said to be alive.
Watch me get like 500 thumbs down for saying tupac is overrated.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
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a word used to describe a person who has sex with a gangbangers bitch, resulting in his ass kicking, or being shot.
"aw dude u are so 2pac"
by phobiktweek March 23, 2005
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A rapist who now through the miracle of PR is being made into a poet. Bewildering.

People claim he was political and intelligent. He was actually an uneducated, ignorant thug.

Anyone who knows anything about hip hop knows biggie is way, WAY better.
hit em up,
"I fucked your bitch you fat mother fucker"
by wig_wog August 17, 2005
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