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God Of Cock HATERZZZ Let me say something first, Kiss sucks, they only had 2 good songs, and yes they were fags, none the less, take artists like led zeppelin, they changed the whole damn world of music, one of their albums is on the top 10 most sold albums ever. You dont know shit, look up your information before you post shit in here boy, and let me say somethign else i guess since 2pac sold drugs to people i guess that makes him a better soul than any of the rockers then huh, and guess what he probably ruined those peoples lives. 2pac was nothign more than a scum, he ruined the world with the way he made music, all i hear on the radio is shit becuae of that little fuck goin around doin nothin but trash. i hope he rests in hell forever. Dont even reply back, you dont even know half the story. Zeppelin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, AC/DC are way better than 2pac, i probably shouldnt have put 2pac and the other bands together becuase 2pac doesnt deserve to be ina line up like that. Out of all the bands u pick Kiss, i wonder why, maybe becuase they are the most over rated rock band. Use a successful band to make fun of boy. Get your head out of your ass
2pac is what made the modern world look like shit
by GOD OF ROCK March 29, 2005
The definitive piece of shit, and in my opinion a disgrace to the term human being. Tupac was one of the most souless and horrible aspects of life to ever lay foot on this planet. Everything he touched and came into contact with ultimately failed, and his genre of "gangsta rap" was nothing more than pity thugs complaining, and he was a true asshole and a bonified loser in human society. As stupid as he was, his "music" is what ultimately killed hiim, proving the fact that rap is in fact a plague upon us. The irony is that it is a problem sung by problems themselves. There is no purpose of rap and its only true meaning is to give a group of undeserving individuals an outstanding amount of money that for what most would call "committing a crime". His legacy is that he died by the hands of what he made, and hell is where he is, its not what one may think, its what one must know. for tupac(not even his name deserves to be capitalized) THE lowlife scumbag and criminal has no place in our society. The world which he created was nothing but a problem, and his death was a mere cure to the disease which is the rap world, which for the most part still plagues our community with all its nonsense
i took a huge 2pac in the toilet and didnt flush it. After a while it stunk almost like 2pacs career.
by GOD OF ROCK March 02, 2005
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