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means alot of what you say before "like shit"
usually used after a noun or adjetive. Used in the DMV
"damn that girl is ugly like shit"

"he ate that whole burger, he fat like shit"

"he was at tha party knockin ppl out, he kimbo like shit"
by bert r December 08, 2008
DMV slang
Used to represent agreeing with something
Another way to say "deadass"
"Aye moe she got them clappas"
"Like shit tho!"
by DMVkid January 10, 2014
dmv slang.
Used to exaggerate when agreeing/not agreeing with something/someone.
"boi" commonly follows this expression and is often used in sessions of joaning
"Ay u do the homework mrs applebottom assigned?"
"No like shit boutta copy homie that sits in front of us like shit."
by gdubb15 January 10, 2015
In addition to the above poster's definition:

2) no fucking way, not gonna' happen, yeah right
Person 1: ay mo you gonna do that paper?
Person 2: (pause) *laughs* like shit!
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011

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