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best band ever formed actually titled "led zeppelin"
"tash u will orgasm if you listen to zeppelin"
by John "jimmy page" Gladstone June 06, 2004
A flying vehicle that is, basically, a gigantic oval ballon filled with Helium (first Hydrogen was used but it was really dangerous so it was swithed to helium),with a passenger cabin and an engine part attached to it.
A very interesting flying device that was popular in the beginning of the 20th Century, but unfortunately, lost its popularity because it was replaced by planes, which were much faster and safer, and because of the crash of the Hindenburg Zeppelin in the 20's.
I wish I could fly once in a Zeppelin. I bet it is much more fun and luxurious than flying in a plane.
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
the coolest word you can give for a womens breasts
"Dude, check out those zeppelins."
"Wow, those are some nice zeppelins."
by Ctobe January 25, 2007
A common name for the derigable airship which has been assimilated into the English language. Like "Kleenex," many people use it despite the fact that it is a trademark of the Zeppelin Company.
I took a trip in the zeppelin...uh, I mean...derigable. Damn copyrights.
by Zack Green July 18, 2004
A lighter-than-air craft specifically built by Zeppelin Luftschiffbau (pre WW2)or Zeppelin Luftschifftecknik (present day).

A lighter-than-air craft of this type made by any other manufacturer would simply be called a "rigid airship".

Blimps are NOT zeppelins.
Dude, that it one funky zeppelin.
by Karl November 19, 2004

A number of zombies traveling and/or feeding together.
The protagonist always runs into a zeppelin of zombies.
by Skullionaire April 11, 2011

refering to the large rigid airship consisting of a cylindrical trussed and covered frame supported by internal gas cells
Look at the zeppelins on her!
by swingman April 14, 2005
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