Tupac is the, if not, one of the realest and greatest rappers to come. He might have dealed drugs throughout his life, but so did many other great BANDS (i.e. The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Piink Floyd, AC/DC, etc.).
2PAC was convicted of rape, and even though he didn't do it, he finally had some hardcore evidence he was a gangster. He didn't rap gangster rap because he rapped about realness. You could tell he was real when he was right about his death.

2PAC was also known to smoke marijuana and deal drugs as a child to make a profit. Some of his other means of profits would be by winning freestyle contests. Once, he won $200-$300 in a rap contest but spent it all on the rent.
by Waqas June 04, 2006
possibly the best rapper ever alive. only biggie smalls could compare. he was apperently christain and loved god and jesus. truly inspirational.....
2 pac rocks R.I.P. the only rapper i like cept biggie smalls
by muzic master June 07, 2009
AkA GOD! The best rapper to ever walk this earth.
Any album by 2pac, dead or alive it doesn't matter.
by NyC4LyFe May 21, 2007
The best rapper ever
Firstly, the man is the best songwriter ever in any genre of music. He didnt rap about guns and murder like some rappers but about the tragic circumstances he came across in his short life, such as teenage pregnancy (Brenda's Got A Baby), suopport of women (Keep Ya Head Up) and who can forget the song to his moms (Dear Mama).
If people out there wanna criticise rap music, then that is your opinion which you are entitled to, but dont criticise Pac cuz hes a better man than any of them drugged up rock stars ever will be.
Just imagine if 2pac was still here
by Pac 4 Ever May 21, 2007
The best rapper of all time. Who has sold the best albums there will ever be. Although everybody didnt see his point of view, they inspire others, and keep them going. He was and always will be Tupac amaru Shakur.
Man, that new 2pac album is the shit.
by Anthony ( ) December 10, 2006
da god of rap the best, the one that cant be beat'n neva will be, the true Makaveli
2pac iz alive still hot, still makin hot joints
by Mike of da E September 23, 2006
Tupac Amaru Shakur is the best rapper killed in 1996 he is still on top!He recorded more than 2000 songs he was also taking part in some movies!
Who is the best "2pac and emiliq from pavlikeni" kisses
by Svilen Velev May 02, 2006

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