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a syringe that is filled with heroin/drugs
Would you give me the dinosaur already?
by nicole May 22, 2004
April 20th

the special date or time where potheads of all kinds go out and get stoned

420 is a police code for either drugbust/marijuana
Today is 420, bitchy Rick James!
by nicole April 20, 2004
a gril or woman with a big ass butty also knone as junck in the trunk or a package can also be refired to as a fatty boy
mansa or jlo
by nicole October 02, 2003
a very hyper lil gurl who drivez her self krazy
im goin 2 kick ur ass *talkin 2 herself*
by Nicole August 19, 2004
a permanent solution to a temorary problem
the linkin park song breaking the habit is about suicide
by nicole March 28, 2005
meaning where are you going later?
person 1: what's good?
person 2: im hittin up da club lata u wanna go?

(jersey slang)
by Nicole January 05, 2004
the best rapper in hip hop!!!!!!!
he says positive things .he's not negative like these other other rappers he's not all about pimpin women and he doesn't talk about all the money and cars he got!he's not afraid to say anything!
Did u hear JESUS WALKs!!!!kanye is da bomb!
by nicole February 28, 2005

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