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1. a combination of being confused and puzzled, not knowing what the fucking is goin on
2.every emotion known combined and not knowing which to act on
1. What the hell's going on? I'm confuzzled?
2. A male being humped by Bob may be confuzzled.
by *~!KiTTiE!~* December 04, 2003
A heightened state of bewilderment and puzzlement, usually caused by the individual in question not understanding the situation or conversation.
"Oh my GOD, this is so confuzzling"
by Kitty Raaaa May 11, 2004
Basically, the combination of puzzled and confused, having no idea what the fuck is going on.
"What the crap!?!?! I'm confuzzled."
by AwayWeGo April 10, 2010
State of confusion and puzzlement. Can be shortened to confuzzed
'A': Hey dooood have you seen that new gynograplastic umentilizer kimertyohlingulizement counter??
'B': *Confuzzled*
by Mizzle December 14, 2004
Confuzzled- so damn confused you became puzzled
Man what the hell are you sayin now I'm soo damn confuzzled!
by Booty Man July 11, 2003
1. To be romantically confused and puzzled about a person of the opposite sex 2. To be very confused or puzzled about something (not just romantically) 3. Very confused and puzzled.
1. Sometimes he acts like he likes me, but sometimes he doesn't, which makes me confuzzled about him. 2.what is going on i'm so confuzzled 3. i confuzzle myself
by lj.nick January 02, 2006
A slang term of the word 'confused'.
Mike: "So are you?"
TJ: "Am I what?"
Mike: "Going out with her?"
TJ: "Her who? I dunno what you're talking about... I's confuzzled!"
by Keegan September 17, 2004
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