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190 definitions by nicole

some clown who takes himself seriously
Elias is such a chucklehead, I wish he would just shut up.
by Nicole May 19, 2004
-more vital way of describing an asshole
-when someone gets away with being an asshole and somehow ends up "innocent"
Best friend is dating your loved one while you're at work. When you're around, they acts like a family friend.

That guy is a fucking cheesedick
by nicole April 18, 2004
short for "kind bud" an elite and expensive genre of marijuana
"you gotta throw down more dow than that for an ounce of kb, this aint shwag yo"
by nicole March 12, 2005
1. I am going to...

2. I am going to do...
Ima head to bed
Ima hit the road
Ima go shoppin
Ima do some work
by Nicole September 14, 2008
the devil's home. bielzebub's front yard.
your mom.
And if you are of evil heart, when you die you will go to New Jersey.
by nicole February 16, 2005
a gothic young woman
that goth is such a geri
by Nicole March 21, 2005
my alter ego. the prettiest girl in the world!!!!!!!!!!
wearing big sunglasses makes me so mary-kate.
by nicole April 14, 2005