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190 definitions by nicole

JJ Redick is the hottest hottie in the world!!!!!!!!! He has the BEST shots! I watch ALL of his games and I am the biggest Duke fan in the world!
I absolutly LUV JJ!!!
by Nicole February 24, 2005
what Lia is...
Lia is a poopshkin neater!
by Nicole December 11, 2003
A party consisting of white trash where your brothers your father and your sisters your daughter.
Jethro: "Are y'all ready for this weekins shingding"
by Nicole July 30, 2003
a permanent solution to a temorary problem
the linkin park song breaking the habit is about suicide
by nicole March 28, 2005
April 20th

the special date or time where potheads of all kinds go out and get stoned

420 is a police code for either drugbust/marijuana
Today is 420, bitchy Rick James!
by nicole April 20, 2004
the used KICK ASS i love em sooooo much they rock!!!!!!!!
the used ROCK!!!
by nicole December 31, 2003
a HOT spikey haired boy who sings and plays bass.
That scooch is amazing.
I wish i could hit that scooch.
by NiCoLe April 25, 2005