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what Lia is...
Lia is a poopshkin neater!
by Nicole December 11, 2003
n., <tho-se. we. do-nt. spe-ek. of.>

*a group of (preferably) 2 beings (it is questionable on whether these beings are in fact human, animal- or rare form from another planet)

*generally answer to the name "asshole", "cheap whore", "Dump", or anything that rhymes with Batey and Bourtney

*Other than lawn bowling tournaments, they are not invited to places, events, or to see people, but always find a way to show up

*Prefer Butterball lunch meat over Healthy Choice

*are best friends and collect Beauty and the Beast snowglobes with people with names that sound like Jristy and Chim
"Hey Ruben, I think we should invite Those We Don't Speak of to Nikohl's surprise birthday party! Lord knows they'll probably just SHOW UP anyways"

"I am going to go visit Those We Don't Speak of in New York one of these days, but only because it's a free place to stay in a cool city. Hopefully I won't have to see them at all."

"Why are you soaked in Petrone, smell of cocaine, and look like you've been gang banged by a herd of large Gnomes???
Oh, ok, you were just hanging out with Those We Don't Speak Of"
#free place to stay in manhattan #dumb #dumber #asshole #dump
by Nicole July 14, 2006
the used KICK ASS i love em sooooo much they rock!!!!!!!!
the used ROCK!!!
by nicole December 31, 2003
a HOT spikey haired boy who sings and plays bass.
That scooch is amazing.
I wish i could hit that scooch.
by NiCoLe April 25, 2005
go to harleston, call someone a rockstar and they will stab you . . . why??? because it can be used as a form of insult and describes someone who gigs at the rec in harleston for the fame, money and prospect of getting laid arterwards. NEVER CALL SOMEONE WITH MUSICAL TALENT A ROCKSTAR, THEY WILL NOT BE BEST PLEASED.
you are a proper rockstar...

"Fuck off pikey"
by nicole January 27, 2005
2-Step is a kind of music in Britain. British 2- Step is The U.S.A.'s R&b. A lot of people consider 2-Step to be better than R&b (although they are the same thing) because american r&b has been to fused with hip-hop that you can't even tell the diffrence.
British Chick: Ya heard of 2-step music?
American Chick: Na what is it?
British Chick: it is the same thing as ya u.s.a. r&b. only that is actually is more r&b then da u.s. one is.
by Nicole December 09, 2004

a syringe that is filled with heroin/drugs
Would you give me the dinosaur already?
by nicole May 22, 2004
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