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A man's genitalia, if you will.
Oh my GOD, Steven! Your shaboink is flapping in the wind!!!
by Nicole April 27, 2004
"book" spelled backwards
Wanna koob it?
by Nicole April 05, 2004
a word with strange congiguations
I am doke
you are doke
he/she is dokes
we are dokey
they aredoke

use it when you have no word to describe your feelings
how are you people feeling?
we're dockey
or you look down what's wrong?
I'm doke
by Nicole March 07, 2004
Poor ignorant sods that like talking about boring shit and often say things like "Did you hear the one about the you-know-who?" or "shucks". Men who think all woman are are cute and have no other purpose besides to cook. Deds that ignore their kids and often go on "disability" so they wont have to pay child support and can go on with there wonderful and careless lives. Men who are too weak to kill themselves but everyone wishes they would.
what Bush would be if he hadn't taken the job of another dumbass for president
by nicole August 23, 2004
something a journalism teacher says incessantly because she sucks at teaching and she can barely walk because she's a fat tub of lard
-Ms. Vivona... can you help me with my essay?
-It's gonna have to wait. I suck at life.
by Nicole February 19, 2004
n., <tho-se. we. do-nt. spe-ek. of.>

*a group of (preferably) 2 beings (it is questionable on whether these beings are in fact human, animal- or rare form from another planet)

*generally answer to the name "asshole", "cheap whore", "Dump", or anything that rhymes with Batey and Bourtney

*Other than lawn bowling tournaments, they are not invited to places, events, or to see people, but always find a way to show up

*Prefer Butterball lunch meat over Healthy Choice

*are best friends and collect Beauty and the Beast snowglobes with people with names that sound like Jristy and Chim
"Hey Ruben, I think we should invite Those We Don't Speak of to Nikohl's surprise birthday party! Lord knows they'll probably just SHOW UP anyways"

"I am going to go visit Those We Don't Speak of in New York one of these days, but only because it's a free place to stay in a cool city. Hopefully I won't have to see them at all."

"Why are you soaked in Petrone, smell of cocaine, and look like you've been gang banged by a herd of large Gnomes???
Oh, ok, you were just hanging out with Those We Don't Speak Of"
by Nicole July 14, 2006
the cali/carolina version of the jersey slang term "mad" meaning a lot, very or really
Yo this ish is hella crazy.
by Nicole January 05, 2004

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