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Patrick Helton
Hey JIZ!
by nicole April 23, 2004
-when someone is being overly stupid
-when someone states something retarded
-the following phrase after telling someone that they suck at life (you suck at life)
2cool4school: having rap battles over the internet is rad
Badiali 187: ?? dude you suck at life.. slit your wrists
by Nicole March 29, 2004
Short for the term "bulimia"
Ok so like, today, I had a whole pizza, cake, 2 sandwiches, and a 6 pack of beer. I threw it all up. Damn, MIA sucks.
by Nicole December 12, 2004
what they called marijuana back in the 70's
"Your hippie friend also left 'film' for you if ya get what I mean." -That 70s Show
by nicole April 24, 2004
The state I live in that really sucks.
I hate the state I live in which is Maryland.
by Nicole April 04, 2005
the hottest person alive-->model with dark brown hair,tan skin and blue/grey eyes. French,Portugese,Native American and Carribean heritage. Model for Victoria's secret, guess and lots more
Adriana Lima is beautiful
by Nicole February 22, 2005
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