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Harsher meaning of 'Pilikimo' (Pilikimo - A short person)

Fupi - A short ass dwarf (In swahili)

e.g 'Hey, look at Maria, she's such a fupi'
by TAMTAM May 14, 2015
Fuck Pillow pr. (Foo-pee). A pillow, or pillows, that a dog uses to fulfill all of its sexual needs. Also used by some lonely people.
My dog broke his dingly-doo with a spirited bout with his fupi. It cost me over $100 to fix it at the vet.

My cousin loves the teddy-bear I won her at the fair. When I surprised her in her room one night, I know why she called it Fupi.
by coyotemutt November 21, 2011
fucking while pissing
Damn that girl made me fupis.
by Nicole February 15, 2004
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