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A type of perscripition drug that is used to increase focus and can also be useful for keeping one awake. Ussually perscribed to those with A.D.D.
I need to get some aderol or i'll never make it through chemistry.
by Logan May 06, 2005
Medicine that surpresses a.d.d outrages. or if you live in Mount Olive the Weight Loss Pill, that you could snag off of any a.d.d kid for up to 30 bones. Mostly Froshy girls.
That Anorexic bitch is jacked up on aderol.
by MC n. June 15, 2006
A type of drug that is used to encourage the chemical reaction in your brain to do work, especially schoolwork.
"Aderol is handy but it makes my muscles anxious."
by Dave September 13, 2004

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