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58 definitions by mick

he is a god on www.go-gaia.com
all hale he!!!!!
by mick July 12, 2003
Great, Amazing, Funny.
1. Dude, Lateralus by Tool totally rocked my socks.
2. The new episode of Reno 911! rocked my socks!
by Mick October 22, 2003
A cool town in the heartland of Ireland. Home to a mixed bag of mad characters like rambo and his MR2 or Duff and Spudde and lots of hideous drug abuse but mainly hash and not coke unles you're from Kirwin park.
Man that rough crowd in the corner are from Mountmellick dont fuck around with dem lads you'll be killed.
by Mick March 07, 2005
Corny or stupid. The term was coined by a homeless man in the metropolitan area of NY while dissing a white dude that looked like a geek.
That man who acts like he's a hot shot comedian in my computer class is a wing tip!
by Mick April 26, 2006
bigger than a budonkadonk
one really big booty
by Mick November 01, 2004
A girl named Lauren who is constantly tired and moves slowly like a sloth. Therefore, she would be called Slauren.
Can be anyone who is tired at all times and/or takes cat naps frequently.
If your friend is tired constantly, You could call them a Slauren.Or, if you know a Lauren who is tired all the time, they also would be a Slauren.
by Mick April 12, 2005
The sound a male koala bear makes when he is either disturbed or on heat, or both
their was lots of gruffles coming from the gum tree last night
by Mick September 08, 2003